Discover our new beer; Simplex!

 Tuesday 28 March 2017

For the first time since 2013 Brewery De Ranke launches a new, permanently available beer, Simplex. A fresh, light beer that resembles the bitter, hoppy pilsners from the sixties, although it is in fact an ale. “This is a beer we developed out of nostalgia for the old-styled pilsner”, say brewers Guido Devos and Nino Bacelle.

In the last years there wasn’t a lot of room for the development of new beers at Brewery De Ranke. “The maximum capacity of our installation, 5.000 hl, was totally consumed with  brewing our existing beers. But works are in progress to expand that capacity up to 10.000 hl. That offers us a unique chance to develop new beers now. The perfect time to release our Simplex”, according to Guido Devos.

Simplex is a fresh, light beer abundant with flavor, despite an alcohol by volume-level of merely 4,5 percent. “In the sixties there were a lot of good pilsners available. They were unfiltered, unpasteurized and had a firm bitterness. Nowadays everything is much sweeter and pasteurized”, claims brewer Nino Bacelle. But Brewery De Ranke has never been afraid to go against the grain. Now they surprise us with Simplex.  An ale with all the characteristics of a vintage pils: a blond, bitter, unfiltered, unpasteurized, refreshing beer with a low alcohol by volume.

The new beer will be available from april 2017 in keg and in 33cl-bottles. The decision to only sell the beer in small bottles and on keg is a conscious choice, since the beer shows her merits best when tasted young. Follow the Facebookpage ‘Brouwerij De Ranke’ for more information.